• esc
  • F1
  • F2
  • F3
  • F4
  • F5
  • F6
  • F7
  • F8
  • F9
  • F10
  • F11
  • F12
  • Eject
  • ~`
  • !1
  • @2
  • #3
  • $4
  • %5
  • ^6
  • &7
  • *8
  • (9
  • )0
  • _-
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  • delete
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  • fn
  • ctrl
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  • cmd
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Space Start/stop playback
Z Go to Beginning
⌥Z Go to End
fn⌃← Go to beginning of selected region
fn⌃→ Go to end of selected region
Move back in smaller increments
Move forward in smaller increments
⌥← Move back in larger increments
⌥→ Move forward in larger increments
fn↑ Move back by the visible width of the timeline
fn↓ Move forward by the visible width of the timeline
⌥⌃← Zoom Out
⌥⌃→ Zoom In
⌘⌥N Create a new track
⌘⇧N Create a new basic track
⌘D Duplicate the selected track
⌘delete Delete the selected track
Select the next higher track
Select the next lower track
M Mute/Unmute the selected track
S Solo/Unsolo the selected track
L Lock/Unlock the selected track
I Turn monitoring on or off for the selected track
⌃I Turn monitoring on for the selected track, without feedback protection
A Show/Hide the automation curves for the selected track
⌘⌥R Show/Hide the Record Enable buttons for all tracks
⌘⌥L Show/Hide the Track Lock buttons for all tracks
⌘⌥I Show/Hide the Monitor buttons for all Real Instrument tracks
⌘⇧A Show/Hide the arrangement track
⌘B Show/Hide the master track
⌘⇧B Show/Hide the podcast track
⌘⌥B Show/Hide the movie track
⌘I Show/Hide the Track Info pane
Select the next higher category or instrument
Select the next lower category or instrument
Move from instrument list to category list
Move from category list to instrument list
, Choose the next higher guitar preset
. Choose the next lower guitar preset
1 Automatic Notation View
2 Show Chord Names
3 Show chord grids (guitar) / Show left hand only (piano)
4 Show tab (guitar) / Show right hand only (piano)
5 Show tab and standard notation (guitar) / Show both hands (piano)
0 Hide Notation
E Easy View (piano)
F Full-page Notation
S Show/Hide the instrument
⌘Z Undo
⌘⇧Z Redo
⌘X Cut
⌘C Copy
⌘V Paste
delete Delete
⌘A Select All
⌘T Split selected region at the playhead
⌘J Join selected regions
O Loop selected region continuously
⌘G Turn snap to grid on/off
⌘⇧G Show/Hide alignment guides
⌘⌥A Lock automation curves to regions
⌘⌥E Show/Hide Flex edits for the selected track
⌘⌥delete Delete selected arrangement region and its timeline content
⌃delete Delete selected region and fill in time
P Add marker to podcast/movie track
⌘⇧R Turn ducking on/off
R Start or stop recording
C Turn the cycle region on/off
⌘U Turn the metronome on/off
⌘⇧U Turn count-in on/off
Move selected notes to previous grid position
Move selected notes to next grid position
⇧← Move selected notes back one measure
⇧→ Move selected notes forward one measure
Transpose selected notes up one semitone
Transpose selected notes down one semitone
⇧↑ Transpose selected notes up one octave
⇧↓ Transpose selected notes down one octave
⌘P Print notation (must be visible in editor)
⌘↑ Raise Master Volume
⌘↓ Lower Master Volume
⌘I Show/Hide the Track Info pane
⌘E Show/Hide the Editor
⌘L Show/Hide the loop browser
⌘⇧L Preview the selected loop
⌘R Show/Hide the Media Browser
⌘K Show/Hide the onscreen keyboard
⌘⇧K Show/Hide the Musical Typing window
⌘⌥P Show/Hide the Notepad
⌘M Minimize the GarageBand window
⌘F Show Chord mode in LCD
⌘F Show Tuner mode in LCD
⌘⇧F Show Time mode in LCD
⌘⌥F Show Measures mode in LCD
⌘⌃F Show Tempo mode in LCD
⌘N Create a new project
⌘O Open an existing project
⌘W Close the current project
⌘S Save the current project
⌘⇧S Save as
⌘P Print notation
⌘, Show GarageBand preferences
⌘H Hide GarageBand
⌘⌥H Hide other applications
⌘Q Quit GarageBand
⌘? Open GarageBand Help